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About Us Fortis Business Media“Some people dream of having a good-paying job that allows them to provide a good home for their families, while others dream of having meaningful work they truly enjoy. And there are those who want to provide customers with products and services they truly need and appreciate. It’s our job at Fortis Business Media to help them achieve those dreams.”
Dan Oswald, CEO

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Fortis Business Media LLC provides the legal and political intelligence you need to do your job better every day. Since 1975, Fortis Business Media has earned the reputation as the go-to compliance, legislative, and training resource for:

  • Business Leaders & Employers
  • HR Executives & Managers
  • Healthcare Executives & Managers
  • Enviro, Health & Safety professionals
  • Attorneys
  • Elected Officials & Political Professionals
  • Bankers
  • And other professionals seeking legal and compliance resources